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    Mediobanca recruits outstanding graduates throughout the year.

    We are mainly interested in people with first-class degrees, high marks and a regular study pattern, to work in the various areas of the Bank as the need arises.

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    Graduates looking for a career with Mediobanca must have solid technical abilities as well as excellent interpersonal skills.

    The work load is intense, as are the individual responsibilities assigned. Everyone can feel part of the value creation within the Bank, as professional figures of different levels often work closely together.

    A strong disposition towards team work is therefore essential. With its branch offices in Frankfurt, London, Paris, Madrid, Moscov,Istanbul, luxemburg and New York, Mediobanca is experiencing strong international growth: staff who work for us must be ready to face the challenges this entails.


    The Mediobanca Group:
    • believes that respect for the person and the dignity of each individual collaborator is fundamental to the development of a working environment based on mutual trust and loyalty;
    • undertakes to comply with the legal requirements in every geographical region and business in which it operates, and further undertakes to comply with the princples referred to in the international treaties protecting human rights and employment, and on countering corruption, organized crime and international terrorism;
    • is sensitive to the issue of protecting the environment as an asset of primary importance. To this end, it directs its choices in such a way as to ensure compatibility between economic initiative and environmental requirements, in accordance with the legislation in force.


    Mediobanca has adopted a series of initiatives to support staff assessment, involvement and professional growth, including international experience, to allow development and training pathways to be developed which are coherent and effective for the Bank’s business.

    The Junior Talent Programme is a scheme to recruit high-potential staff by offering new graduates a quality training experience, which increases Mediobanca’s appeal as potential employer for talented young people.

    The Bank also promotes internal mobility through rotations, within Italy and internationally.
    Performance evaluation is the system operated by Mediobanca to assess individual performances.

    The system ensures that the process is objective, the activities suitably recorded and the various stakeholders’ responsibilities clearly defined, and that individual actions are aligned with the vision of the team/unit/area/Bank for which those individuals work.

    Mediobanca is constantly seeking to identify internal staff for inclusion in its succession planning, to fill any vacancies which may arise in the positions of executive directors and/or key Group management staff.


    Mediobanca sees protecting the health of its staff as a fundamental prerequisite and promotes their mental and physical well-being, adopting specific protection/prevention and promotion programmes, and raising awareness of the initiatives at all company levels.
    In particular:

    • Protection/prevention: at Mediobanca the risks to which staff may be exposed in the course of their duties, and the injuries which could occur to them as a result, have been identified and evaluated thoroughly. Based on these findings, a programme for preventing such risks has been developed;
    • Promotion: Mediobanca is proactive in providing staff with the necessary means for healthcare treatment and assistance, through indepth checkups for early detection of serious diseases, and by promoting correct information on cancer-related illnesses.

    Mediobanca also promotes well-being in the wider community through its partnership with the IEO. Founded in Milan by Umberto Veronesi with the financial and direct support of Mediobanca, the IEO over the years has become a renowned centre of international excellence for clinical work and research in the area of cancer. Mediobanca is a shareholder in the IEO with a stake of around 15% and has supported all its activities since its inception.


    Mediobanca guarantees equal opportunities for all of its staff and human resources regardless of the employment arrangements by which they are linked to the Bank (i.e. interns, collaborators, staff employed on a contract basis, etc.), and also for candidates aspiring to professional positions with Mediobanca.


    In particular Mediobanca guarantees that all the above persons are treated without distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference, whether direct or indirect,

    based on:

    • age, gender, sexual orientation, civil status, religion, language, ethicn or national origins, physical or mental disabilities, pregnancy, parenthood (including adoption), personal convictions, political opinions, trade union affiliation or activity;
    • access to work, assignation of duties and qualifications, transfers, disciplinary proceedings, promotion and professional training, including professional and career progression, working conditions including pay, complementary pension provisions and benefits.

    The Bank’s Code of Ethics makes express provision for the valorization of diversities and the protection of equal opportunities.


    In line with market practice, the remuneration package offered by Mediobanca includes pension, insurance and healthcare benefits. Agreements and special deals for staff have also been arranged with a variety of retailers, Group companies and other banks.



    The social dimension of sustainability reflects the impact which the organization has on the social system in which it operates.



    Human rights universally recognized are those defined by the following conventions and declarations:

    • Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations and related protocols
    • United Nations Convention on Civil and Political Rights
    • United Nations Convention: International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
    • International Labour Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work 1998 (in particular the eight ILO core conventions)
    • Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action.
    No. of episodes of gender discrimination involving staff none
    No. of episodes of age discrimination involving staff none
    No. of staff involved in episodes of gender discrimination none
    No. of staff involved in episodes of age discrimination none
    No. of episodes of discrimination which involve external stakeholders none

    Internal system for managing episodes of discrimination (description)


    Excerpt: Directive on equal opportunities, bullying and harassment.


    Scope of application

    i.    This document applies to all Mediobanca staff employed on permanent or non-permanent contracts, full time or part time, on a contract or staff leasing basis, and interns and consultants working on the Mediobanca premises (jointly, the “Workers”).

    ii.    All Workers are bound to act in observance of the directive’s provisions, and accordingly to refrain from discriminatory or offensive behaviour.

    iii.    The provisions of point ii) above apply not just to the behaviour adopted vis-à-vis other Workers, but also with respect to candidates for positions in Mediobanca, visitators, customers and suppliers.



    i.    Any Worker who considers themselves to have been the object of discrimination of any form or of acts of bullying or harassment may freely contact the Human Resources department on a purely confidential basis, promptly providing details of the event and any supporting material to demonstrate the events they are reporting.

    ii.    Each individual case will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and every report made in good faith will in no way prejudice the Worker’s future employment or professional development.

    iii.    The heads of unit and offices are responsible for promoting the prevention of any forms of behaviour that involve discrimination, bullying and harassment in the workplaces which they supervised, and will provide support to any person seeking to react against such behaviour.

    iv.    Anyone who witnesses any act of discrimination, bullying or harassment must show solidarity to the person who is their victim, and with their consent, act as witness if necessary.

    v.    The Human Resources department will take steps to resolve the situation that has been reported. If this is not possible or if the events are of an especially serious nature, the parties involved will be notified and the necessary enquiries carried out, including through a meeting between the parties who will have an opportunity to express their views, possibly with the involvement of the Group Audit and/or Compliance units.

    vi.    Once the necessary enquiries have been made, the Human Resources department, if possible having sought the Group Audit and/or Compliance units’ opinions, may take the operational and organizational measures it considers necessary, including those provided for under the disclipinary code with respect to situations considered to be actual instances of discrimination, in accordance with the relevant procedures, and to be an active party, where permitted under the national regulations in force, in reporting the events to the relevant authorities.

    Mediobanca is committed to taking the necessary action to ensure this directive is fully effective.

    Corrective action undertaken (description)



    The social performance indicators focus on the impact which organizations have on the communities in which they operate, and illustrate the ways in which the risks that could derive from interaction with other social institutions are managed and mediated. In particular information is sought regarding risks associated with corruption, intimidation in the public decision-making process and monopolistic practices. 

    No. of staff who have taken part in courses on anti-corruption policies and procedures 100%
    No. of staff who have taken part in courses on anti-corruption policies and procedures by category  
    Management 100%
    Officers 100%
    Professionals 100%
    Interns 100%
    Duration of training courses on anti-corruption and AML policies and procedures two hours
    No. of disciplinary sanctions taken against staff for instances of corruption



    The product responsibility performance indicators refer to aspects of the organization’s products and services which have direct repercussions on customers. 

    Are customer service surveys carried out? (YES/NO) Yes, for retail activities
    Results achieved:  

    This year too CheBanca! has been chosen as Best Online Bank by level of customer satisfaction.

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    Frequency annual

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