Mediobanca Group to partner Italian Paralympic Committee

    Milan, 12 May 2016 - The Mediobanca Group has signed a partnership agreement with the Italian Paralympic Committee (IPC) in order to support and embed the values of Paralympic sport as a vehicle for social integration, a sphere which affirms a genuine culture of merit and promotes genuinely open and fair competition, and an instrument for educating, developing and releasing individuals.

    Against this backdrop, the Mediobanca Group will support the Committee throughout the 2016-20 four-year period. Mediobanca, Compass and CheBanca! will work alongside the IPC at all major events: the next Paralympic Games to be held in Rio de Janeiro (September 2016), the Winter Paralympics to be held in Pyeongchang (2018), and the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. Then there is also the Italian Paralympic Awards, the national day of Paralympic sport, and all the national and international events promoted by the Committee dedicated to promoting the Paralympic ideal.

    This includes the Casa Italia Paralimpica project being unveiled today, namely choice for the Italian team for the 2016 Paralympics – athletes, delegates, journalists and opinion leaders – to be based at the Parroquia Imaculada in Rio. The idea behind such an original choice for a training base is to leave a legacy for the weakest groups of society in the local area, as a tangible sign of solidarity which, starting from the initial shared ideas and values, can enable dreams and hopes to become extraordinary opportunities.

    Francesco Saverio Vinci, General Manager of Mediobanca, expressed his satisfaction at the agreement as follows: “The strength and determination which is the hallmark of Paralympic athletes at all levels and in every discipline are values about which we too are passionate. This is an important day for us: we are proud to partner the Italian Paralympic Committee in promoting and developing sport and to be alongside all the Italian athletes who will be called to compete nationally and internationally in the coming months”.

    “I would like to thank the Mediobanca Group”, said Luca Pancalli, Chairman of the Italian Paralympic Committee, “because by embracing the CIP Project they have not only embraced sport in the sense of that amazing moment of competition which we all know it to be, but because in so doing they’ve enabled us to create a partnership in which we can share a common vision and mission, which today finds concrete expression in the Casa Italia Paralimpica project for the Rio 2016 Paralympics. The Mediobanca Group has shown it believes strongly in the ideals of the Paralympic movement in supporting the choice of the base for Casa Italia in the Paroquia Imaculada Conceciao, which is certainly a departure from previous Paralympics, but which will allow us to showcase the values of social integration and inclusion on which the Italian Paralympic movement is based. I believe this is an excellent way to start off a relationship which I am sure, in the four years we’ll be working together, will provide concrete answers through shared projects”.


    Last update: 07/06/2016 - 10:06