Chebanca! Superbrands 2015

    At the Superbrands Awards 2015 evening celebration held on Thursday, 25 June 2015 at the Radio Italia Auditorium in Milan, CheBanca! was named as one of the most valuable companies in the Italian market, and was admitted to the “Club of Superbrands”.

    superbrandsSuperbrands is a brand qualification system used in over 90 countries worldwide, which aims to reaffirm the brands’ founding values and prestige, leveraging on the desire to continue believing in investing in quality, innovation and communication.

    Becoming a “Superbrand” is a major achievement for a bank which from day one has believed and invested strongly in its three founding values – Simplicity, Efficiency and Distinctiveness – a fact which in just seven years has allowed it to become one of the most important players in the Italian retail banking sector.

    CheBanca! was selected by a council of professionals consisting of 13 people, using the Superbrands system’s global criteria:

    •    Quality, i.e. qualitative excellence of product offering and approach to market
    •    Reliability over time and capability in terms of keeping promises made
    •    Distinctiveness, in the sense of ability to distinguish itself from peers and keep one step ahead of the competition.

    These criteria have been complemented by a system developed locally with the collaboration of Astarea and Demoskopea, which has finalized the model for S-factors, i.e. the success factors in order to become a genuine Superbrand today.
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