Share capital: the Bank’s subscribed share capital totalled Euro 435,510,047 represented by 871,020,094 Euro 0.50 par value registered shares which entitle the shareholders to one vote for each share held.

Shareholders: Mediobanca has approximately 60,000 shareholders. Certain shareholders representing 31% of the Bank’s share capital have entered into an agreement aimed at preserving a stable shareholder base combined with a representative Board of Directors in order to ensure consistent management objectives (the “Agreement”). Compliance with the Agreement is supervised by a Steering Committee of which the chairman is Mr. Angelo Casò. The agreement is filed with the Milan Companies’ Register.

The Bank's shareholders chart is as follows:


As of 03.20.2016 the shareholder structure is as follows (>3% shares), as amended in the light of statements received pursuant to Article 120 of the Italian Consolidated Finance Act or other information received, the following shareholders owned more than 2% of the subscribed and paid share capital of Mediobanca, either in their own right or through subsidiaries:

 Shareholder No. of shares   % share capital
Group UniCredit 74,795,250 8.59
Group Bolloré 68,887,075 7.91
Group Mediolanum 29,095,110 3.35



Last update: 05/04/2016