Consumer Credit

    Compass Banca is the Mediobanca Group’s consumer credit arm and leader in this sector in Italy.
    In business since the 1960s, Compass has a loan book of more than €10bn and offers a wide range of credit products and payment and insurance services which it distributes through its own proprietary network of branches spread across Italy, and also through agreements with other banking partners and retailers:

    • LOANS - leader in consumer credit, credit risk managements and customer relations, offering the full range of lending products: personal loans – special purpose loans – salary-backed finance
    • ACCOUNTS AND CREDIT CARDS – full suite of services for money transfers, online and mobile purchases: debit cards – prepaid cards - money transfers – mini-overdrafts – electronic wallet – credit cards – full overdrafts
    • INSURANCE – protection for customers seeking basic coverage (house, health, work, etc).

    Since its inception Compass has helped its customers achieve their dreams, granting credit in all sectors in which the company operates: cars and vehicles, furniture and domestic appliances, solar panels, personal loans, credit cards repayable by instalments, and salary-backed finance.

    Since July 2011 Compass S.p.A. has held the status of payment institution in order to manage its credit card operations, and since 2013 Compass has held the status of electronic money institution.

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    Last update: 01/10/2015